The CEB Navigation Bible

Finding your way through the Bible doesn't have to be difficult. 

CEB Navigation Bible

The new CEB Navigation Bible offers the perfect guide for new readers and anyone reading the Bible for inspiration or guidance. It includes:

  • Guide to using the Bible
  • Brief introductions to all the books of the Bible, complete with main characters, locations, and memorable verses
  • Routes notes: short introductions to important Bible stories, characters, and events
  • Big Picture notes: discussions of basic theology and difficult Bible passages
  • Points of Interest: call-outs with interesting Bible trivia, customs, and practices
  • Reorienting devotions: guides for reflection on how the Bible applies to life today
  • Navigation Points: key verses and passages in the Bible

And more such as guides to the stories and passages of the Bible, both familiar and surprising; one-month, 90-days, and one-year reading plans; a Bible dictionary; and 16 pages of maps, with index, by National Geographic

Acts of the Apostles

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